If you like wooden barber chairs, well-done. There are no a lot of people who like them, so you are special. The main reason why people don’t pay attention to these chairs is the fact they are less-known than similar models. However, we will agree how special they are. Keep in mind that a wooden barber chair doesn’t have to be completely made from wood. Usually, only the construction and armrests are made from wood. A base is usually made from metal.

You will be able to find models that are completely made from wood, but that, particular models are known as antique wooden barber chair and it is very rare and almost impossible to find. Another fact you should know is that these chairs are made from different types of wood, so we cannot generalize this term.

Why are wooden barber chairs 100% original?

In the world where everything is made from plastics and metal, wooden items are precious and definitely original. This is the main reason why these chairs are so special and so desirable. Add the fact they create a feeling of warmth in a room, and you will get the best barber chair out there. A related advantage is the patterns of the wood itself. This is an amazing addition that looks interesting, but at the same time, it makes a chair look better, more expensive and unique. After all, there are no 2 exactly the same wood panels.

Pros of the wooden barber chairs:

  • They look classy and can help you make your barber shop look classy as well.
  • A level of quality is outstanding and only the best woods are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Due to the fact main components are made from wood and this material, don’t rust or cracks, it will last for a long time. Note: Make sure the wood is protected with a protective coating.
  • These chairs require no maintenance, compared with their metal-made relatives.

Our Picks

Contemporary Reclining Barber Chair BC-21

This is the best wooden barber chair you can possibly find. It is the best simply because the entire frame is made from wood, so you will get all the aforementioned benefits. We should add the fact it is made from leather as well, so the level of luxury it offers is immense. Additions include footrest, armrests, and headrest. A pump is hydraulic, a heavy-duty model, so it will last for a long time. Despite all of these, the advantages, this isn’t an expensive model.  In fact, we can say that it is affordable.


This model is almost 2 times more affordable than the previous barber chair, but it is a special product. We like the fact it is made from memory foam and the armrests are perfectly shaped from colorful wood. A pump is a masterpiece and it can withstand a weight load of 1.000 lbs.! You will get one year warranty, so this is a safe choice.