The first and the most important fact you should know is that these chairs are impressive in any way possible. They look perfect, they are well-made and they have features no other manufacturers at that time used. This is one of the oldest companies of this type. It was founded in Chicago in 1871 and it is also known for impressive and interesting models. An interesting addition, we will have to mention is that the first models were known as Number 5, Number 8 and etc. A footstool was an addition and they came only without height adjustment. But, the company would add height adjustment mechanism, for an extra fee.

Nowadays, these chairs are so popular that there are no enough units on the market. Still, sometimes, a great unit appears somewhere in the world. You should react fast and get the one you like as soon as possible.

Benefits of Theo A. Kochs barber chair

These barber chairs had and they still have unique design and unique features. In many ways they are similar to Lamborghini. They look like no other models and they have something that no other model has. At the same time, this is the main advantage of these models. Beside the look, they are well-made (all of them) and there are no poor-quality versions. In essence, all models, made by the manufacturer in question are safe choice and the one that should be taken into account.

A Theo a Kochs barber chair value can be treated as an advantage as well. These chairs are more affordable than similar models, made by other manufacturers, but their values rise faster than any other antique chair has. Keep in mind that most models are treated as the oldest barber chairs on the planet, so they definitely offer a lot of profit related advantages.

The company was able to produce several thousands of barber chairs while they were opened. As the result, there are a lot of Koch’s barber chair parts on the market. You can find any part you want and it won’t cost you a lot.

Make a saloon décor better

One of rarer capabilities, these chairs can provide is the fact they have a positive effect on the décor of a barber shop. They will look amazingly in any salon across the globe and they will have a positive effect on the clients as well. It is priceless being able to sit and have a haircut in a chair like this. Many people already know this, so you should expect the number of your customers to be increased.

Koch’s barber chairs are some of the most luxurious models ever made. They are more comfortable than similar models, made at that time and they have interesting features  such as a footstool and huge headrests. All of this suggests a model that you will probably buy looks better and it is more interesting than any other you can find. The end point is that only classy clients will come to you.

How to find a perfect unit

It may be hard to find, buy and use a barber chair of this kind. After all, they are old, unique, complicated and they are expensive. In most cases, one of three factors we just mentioned will go wrong, so you will end up with a bad chair! In order to avoid this, pay attention to our help mentioned below.

  • Condition, condition

We mentioned condition two times, simply because it is 2 times more important than any other factor. It is so important that if you make a mistake here, you won’t be able to solve it. Simply said, pay attention to the wood and the base of a chair. If it has a hydraulic mechanism, make sure it is 100% operational as well. If something doesn’t work as it should, look for another chair.

  • Model

If you recall, we mentioned at the beginning that the first models were named Number 5 and etc. This is important, simply because we will actually recommend them. They are more desirable than newer models and they are simply better than any other choice. Durability is their stronger side, so you will definitely be able to use them for a long period of time. Yes, they are more expensive as well, but their values will be increased for an additional 40 % in the next 5 years!

  • A separate footstool

Models that were sold with a separate footstool must still come with it! These two elements were made together so they share a special bond that cannot be broken. We believe that every single chair of this type must be paired with original footstool. There are some products on the market that some with non-linked components, but they aren’t something you will want to have, trust us. If you find a barber chair that comes with an original footstool, it will also look much better in your salon and it will get a  lot of compliments and comments.

The bottom line

No matter which precise model you look for, make sure it is original, well-preserved and it comes with as many features as possible. A great thing is that already there  are a lot of models like this, so you don’t have to look forever! The best tip we can give you is to choose wisely and do a research. This guide was written for all Theo a. Kochs barber chairs and it is generalized, but if you are looking for a specific model, make sure you get all the info you may need about it. This manufacturer is also known for implementing a lot of different features/characteristics into closely made models, so there are a lot of differences between them, despite the fact were made in a short time frame.

Don’t forget that you are one of rare people on the planet who appreciate these barber chairs, so you will become a part of this amazing community as soon as you buy your first chair.