Portable barber chairs are the absolute hit in the world. They are more useful than most people can imagine and they come with the same features, more expensive and bigger models have. In general, these chairs are reserved for the busiest salons and those who want to save space, but don’t lose the comfort their clients demand. And yes, these chairs are comfortable. In fact, they are more comfortable than some, much bigger barber chairs, so don’t think that your clients will lose the comfort they look for. Now, we want to show you 3, the best portable barber chairs you can buy and have right now.

Our Picks

  1. All Purpose Hydraulic Chair Barber Styling Threading Chair

The All Purpose Hydraulic Chair Barber Styling Threading Chair is the most popular portable barber chair on the market, and due to a simple reason. It is one of the best ever made. You will get an amazing hydraulic pump, paired with strong steel construction and a modern seat, made from leather and memory foam, so the comfort is immense. You may have noticed that these features are the same bigger barber chairs offer. If you haven’t, we must add that this model has 98% same features as a professional, full-size barber chair.

Another feature this model has is the ability to be 360 degrees rotated which is more than just useful and kind of rare with these models. An interesting addition is the foot rest. Beside it is practical and makes comfort much better, it looks original. We have never seen similar footrest, so we must say how pleasantly impressed we were and still are! Other facts we like are the headrest, it may be small but it is effective and the armrests.

The bottom line with this model is simple. It is a high-quality model, designed and made for the most demanding clients. Still, the price is affordable, so this model won’t be some, impossible investment. As the end result, this will stay the portable barber chair for a long time.


  • The base and the construction are made from durable materials.
  • The hydraulic pump is developed for heavy-duty applications.
  • The design is modern and the entire chair looks nice and interesting.
  • Footrest is100% original and perfect in any way.
  • 360-degree


  • Heavy
  • It may be complicated to assemble and maintain.
  1. BestSalon® Hydraulic Barber Chair

The situation with this model is interesting, in a lack of a better world. It is the most affordable portable barber chair we were able to find, so it is perfect if you want to save money, but still get a chair for your barber shop that will make your clients happy. This model is the best due to the quality of offers, regardless of the price. Despite the fact it costs 3 times less than the aforementioned model, it has the same quality which is good. You can notice the similar footrest, which is another great addition. All of this means that we like this chair and we were actually impressed with the features it offers!

The base is made from steel and it also has a rubber layer, which allows you to use it on nay surface you have in mind. Note: Models without rubber cannot be used on slippery surfaces! The hydraulic pump is similar to bigger barber chairs, so we can treat it as a nice addition as well. Add the fact that this model comes with a 1 year warranty, and you will get the simplest and the safest choice you can make.

We must mention that the seat is double layered and it has additional layers of memory foam. It is not a secret that this makes the entire chair better and more comfortable.


  • Very affordable.
  • Simple and practical design.
  • Heavy duty pump.
  • Base with a rubber layer.


  • Maybe small for some people.
  • Weak footrest.
  1. New Red Modern Hydraulic Barber Chair

If you want to make your barber shop 100% different and you already have decor and atmosphere that is focused towards that direction, this is the chair for you. Just look at it. You will see how special it is and how different it is than any other model, available in the market right now. Right now, it has been rated as the best portable barber chair in this class (modern and original barber chairs) so it would be a great choice.

When it comes to the features and the quality, this model isn’t different than more expensive units. You will get a strong base, made from steel and a heavy-duty pump. Now, you will get a footrest as well, but it is slightly different than other models have, so we can include this is additions. A seat is a piece of luxury and with 20 x 19 inches it is comfortable and large enough for the ‘’biggest’’ clients. We must mention the backrest. It is well-made and it is different than other models have, so we like this addition. At the same time, it is reinforced by metal construction, so it is durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. This barber chair comes with 1 year warranty as well.


  • The steel construction is much better than similar models in this price range have.
  • The design is simply outstanding and perfect.
  • The footrest is more practical.
  • The seat is comfortable and large enough.


  • It is available in just one color, red. Some customers would like it in black or brown!
  • The seat may be too big for some people.

The final thought

Now you know which models are the best. All three of them are designed to be the best and the safest choices when it comes to making your barber shop better. Each one of them may be the best portable barber chair for you, so pay close attention. The most important fact is that all of these models are professional units, with a high level of quality and affordable prices.