There is no point in explaining what a brown barber chair is. Let’s face it, it is brown. However, there are a lot of facts you should know about it. The main difference is the type of the upper material a manufacturer use. In this case, a brown leather is a preferable material and it is definitely the most recommended. There are several types of leather, but most of them offer similar look, but they are slightly different when it comes to the durability/comfort. For example, cow leather is the best choice. It is the most durable and it is used only for high-end models.

Originality of brown barber chairs

If you take a look at the barber shops from all parts of the world, you will see that the lowest number of them uses brown chairs. The explanation is hidden in the decor of the barber shops. Simply said, a brown color may be difficult to match with other elements of the shop. However, this also means that you can make your salon more interesting and therefore more original. This is probably the most important advantage of these barber chairs.

In the past, the brown color was reserved for high-end society, so chairs of this type were commonly used in the richest and the best saloons/facilities. Even today, they will look impressive no matter where you place them and your effort will definitely be commented.

All of the facts we mentioned here can help you understand why you should get a new, brown barber chair. There are no two same models, so you will get the originality you prefer, which is the next best thing.

Pros of the brown barber chairs:

  • Brown leather is treated as more luxurious than black leather
  • They look classic, which can be a plus side in most barber shops.
  • Most black and barber chairs with other colors are made on the same principle, but brown barber chairs feature 100% original models.

Our Picks

Generic Hydraulic Styling Brown Barber Chair

This is the model you will want. It is based on the latest technology, but the design is classic, which makes it perfect for most purposes. It also has a heavy-duty hydraulic pump and the base has a rubber layer, which allows you to use the chair on any surface you want. Yes, it is made from leather and it offers extra-thick memory foam seat.

Shengyu Brown Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair

The model in question has been rated as one of the best barber chairs in 2016. In general, it is small, practical, looks interesting and comes with a footrest, which isn’t a common feature in this class. It also features a one year warranty and it is one of the more affordable models on the market, so we highly recommend it. We must add the fact that the base is different than other models have, which is suitable for salons who want to get more original décor and impress the customers.